Ballad Spotlight “Don’t Wanna Dream” by Hurricane

Lush, Ethereal and downright dreamlike

Quiet Riot‘s Kevin DuBrow introduced Robert Sarzo and Tony Cavazo (the younger brothers of Quiet Riot‘s Rudy Sarzo and Carlos Cavazo) in the early 1980s. After deciding to form a band, they recruited singer Kelly Hansen (yeah, the guy who took over for Lou Gramm in Foreigner) , drummer Jay Schellen and guitarist Michael Guy.

In 1989, Sarzo left the group (though he does get a songwriting credit on the tune 10,000 Years) and was replaced by ex-Lion guitarist, Doug Aldrich. This line-up recorded the album Slave To The Thrill, which was released in 1990. Of the 12 songs (11 tracks are listed but track 8 is actually an uncredited instrumental called FX), the band wrote four songs on their own and co-wrote six more with outside writers – two songs were written entirely by other songwriters

Don’t Wanna Dream features a songwriting credit by Brad Parker along with American singer, songwriter, and record producer Wendy Waldman, who co-wrote “Save the Best for Last” for Vanessa Williams, along with songs for by artists such as Madonna, Celine Dion, and Earth, Wind & Fire.

You can view a video of the band performing the song before it’s official release HERE.


  • Kelly Hansen – vocals
  • Jay Schellen – drums, percussion and vocals
  • Doug Aldrich – guitars and vocals
  • Tony Cavazo – bass guitar and vocals

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