Ballad Spotlight: “Room For Us All” by Bonham

A transcendental introspective ballad from an often overlooked band

I believe I was introduced to Bonham when I first saw the video for “Wait For You” on MTV. I had not yet become the Led Zeppelin fan i was to be, yet I knew right away Jason Bonham’s connection to the supergroup’s drummer.

Compact discs were still a relatively new technology, and i recall marveling at the crisp and flawless sound of this disc. This song closes out the band’s 1989 debut The Disregard of Timekeeping, and it was difficult for me to not restart the disc and listen to the entire album again.

One aspect of the band that always fascinated me was the use of violins, played expertly by John Smithson. Guitarist Ian Hatton would go on to form Motherland and release one very alternative-flavored album in 1994. He also worked with Bad Company’s Paul Rodgers on his tribute to Muddy Waters.

Lead vocalist Daniel MacMaster shines here, and his range and vocal prowess are on full display. The band would go on to release their sophomore (and final) album Mad Hatter in 1992. Sadly, MacMaster died in 2008 from sepsis from sepsis. He released a solo album Rock Bonham and the Long Road Back in 2006.

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