Ballad Spotlight: “Every Time I See Your Picture” by I, Napoleon

Piano-rich, gritty, dark, and heartfelt

This week’s ballad is an excellent remake of Canadian singer Luba’s ballad “Everytime I See Your Picture“. Her version, released in 1982, was a hit in Canada and helped jumpstart her career.

I, Napoleon was the brainchild of vocalist Steve Napoleon. Musically the band was a fun, yet at times dark, melodic hard rock band that released one album in 1991. The band formed in Los Angeles in 1990. The debut sounded like a cross between Kik Tracee and Shark Island.

Canadian born vocalist/keyboardist Steve Napoleon (and onetime drummer for Witchkiller, where he went by the name of Steve Batky) had secured a record deal – thanks to Vicky Hamilton at Geffen – without actually having a band . The classically trained singer would relocate to Los Angeles where he recruited bassist Joe Fazio, Doug Stratton (guitar, ex-Noize Toys) and Dave Imondi (drums).

I’ve heard whispers that John Dillabough played all lead & rythum guitars, bass guitar and keyboards. He is only mentioned under “Additional Musicians”. He announced he was leaving the band shortly before recording the album, finished the recordings, and that could be why they never recorded again.

I read somewhere that Steve passed away, but I’m unable to find any information about his passing online. Drop me a line if you have any info.


  • Steve Napoleon (aka Steve Batky) – Vocals, Keyboards
  • Joe Fazio – Bass
  • Doug Stratton – Guitar
  • Dave Imondi – Drums
  • Charles Judge – Keyboards on “Everytime I See Your Picture”

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