44 ballads from the year 1985

Changing Hands
Miss Mystery
Silent Night
Jaded Heart
Slippin' Away
Will the Sun Rise
Deep in the Heart of the Night
A Criminal Mind
Don't You Ever Leave Me
Without Your Love
Deep Cuts the Knife
What Does it Take
It's Only Heaven
Frozen Tears
Hungry For Love
Victims of Love
Dancing With Desire
Tears are Falling
Walkin' Away
This Could Be The Night
On a Storyteller's Night
Home Sweet Home
Broken Wings
Closer to My Heart
Dreamin' Again
Piece of My Heart (Janis Joplin cover)
So Long
Dream Away Heartache
Eye of the Storm (original)
Mistreated Heart
First Love
How Do You Say Goodbye
Somewhere, Someday
Get You on the Run
How Long
Cries In The Night
Heaven Tonight
The Road to Valhalla
Save Me Tonight
Hands Of Time
Rough Boy

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