47 ballads from the year 1987

Take A Chance On Love
Fell in Love Again
Everytime I Dream
Do You Remember?
Give it a Try
Sleeping All Alone
I'm Not Alone
Love and Affection
Love Bites
Heaven Sent
Never See Me
Waiting For You
Save Your Love
Thinkin' About the Years
A Tale That Wasn’t Right
Left to be Alone
Holding on to the Night
A Matter of Time
Back on the Streets
Too Many Hearts
Reason to Live
Share a Dream
In The Name of Love
So Lonely
Follow The Night
You're All I Need
Frozen Rain
Heaven Tonight
Eye Of The Storm
In My Dreams
Goodnight L.A.
Fall In Love Again
Best Of Me
Take Me On Your Wings
All Over Again
On And On
When The Children Cry
Here I Go Again 87
Is This Love
Looking For Love (Unreleased)
I Want You to Stay
I Believe in You

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