37 ballads from the year 2009

It’s Alright
Wait and see
Never Give Up
Rocket To Your Heart
I Will Return
The Flame (Cheap Trick Cover)
In My Time
New love In Town
Need to Believe
Last Chance
My Sanctuary
Only You Can Do
I'll Dry Your Tears
Nocturnal Symphony
Sad Day on Planet Earth
Within Your Reach
Gone Away
Found Out For Myself
Don't Cry
Can't Feel the Rain
In My Arms Again
Better Left Unsaid
No One But Myself To Blame
One Out of Ten
Better to Have Loved than Lost
Phantom Rider
Tonite (Version 1)
Tonite (Version 2)
Away From My Heart
Paper Heart
Godless Run
Come Down Like Rain
If I Fall
For So Long
Soldier of Love (Acoustic)

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