Ballad Spotlight: “I Love You” by Saigon Kick

Oozing kinetic energy but subtly intricate, dramatic and boldly experimental.

Saigon Kick has always been one of my favorite bands. Their quirky, cerebral songs set them apart from the other bands of that era. Of course, for most people, the band is known for their song Love is on the Way from their album The Lizard – but this week i wanted to focus on another great ballad of theirs.

For this album, guitarist Jason Bieler took over on lead vocals after vocalist Matt Kramer and bassist Tom Defile left the band (predictably for “creative differences”) during the recording of Water. I have to be honest, I didn’t immediately notice the difference in vocalists.

Released in 1993, i was pleasantly surprised that this album escaped the trappings of staying with the times – cast aside were the gaunt hand of the grunged-up Seattle sound. Bieler was not afraid to write an abashedly honest love song – and his Beatles influence was on full display on several songs including “Sgt. Steve” and the title track. They even took on the daunting task of covering David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” – and in my opinion – absolutely crushed it.


  • Phil Varone – drums
  • Jason Bieler – vocals, guitar, piano, keyboard, bass
  • Chris McLernon – bass, backing vocals, guitar

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