Ballad Spotlight: “Man They Call Simple” by Krystal

Crisp vocals and bluesy guitar riffs with plenty of smoky undertones.


While visiting countless 80s Hard Rock and Glam discussion boards, Facebook pages attempting to find new ballads to add to this list, I had the good fortune to run across this tune from Canadian rockers Krystal. I spent the next weeks scouring the interwebs for a copy of both of their albums.

The song is from their second album “3 Chords and a Song” and lead vocalist Mimmo recounts:

“Basically, I just wrote about how I saw the world at the time. The rich get richer with no opportunity unless you got a name or money. But I saw my dad & everyone I knew busting their asses every day for their kids. So I thought its time somebody recognized them too.

Mimmo Oli – Lead Vocalist, Krystal

2 thoughts on “Ballad Spotlight: “Man They Call Simple” by Krystal”

  1. Hey, thanks for reading and listening! Krystal is one of those more obscure bands, and their CDs are hard to find. Glad you enjoyed!

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