38 ballads from the year 1995

Ain't the Same
(It's Hard) Letting You Go
Diamond Ring
Hearts Breaking Even
Lie To Me
This Ain't A Love Song
Dying for Love
Stay With Me
Heaven's Fallin
When Love and Hate Collide
Your Own Way
Estatuas De Sal
Escasa Nieve
No Siempre Sale El Sol
Pictures of Love
Here For You
I Live My Life For You
Just Be You
That's What a Brother Is For
Kiss Of Death
Dark Desire
This Isn't What We Meant
Watch Me Fall
Breakin' Down
Breakdown N' Cry
Yesterday's Gone
To Have and To Hold
I Believe
Back to You
Better Off Dead
Ballad of Ruby
I Can't
Keep Holding On
Stronger Now
Good Bye
One Step Away

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