29 ballads from the year 1996

Blood Runs Cold
Breathe A Sigh
Where Does Love Go When It Dies
Erotic Liquid Culture
Are You Now
Here for you (Acoustic)
I live my life for you (Acoustic)
Love of a lifetime (Acoustic)
Seven Bridges Road (Acoustic)
When I look into your eyes (Acoustic)
You are my religion (Acoustic)
Father is That Enough?
Man in the Sky
Miles Away
Where is the Love
Forever and One (Neverland)
If I Knew
Hollywood Underground
Does it matter
It's Just The Rain
When You Love A Woman
Can't Let Go (Acoustic)
After Tonight
Building the Bridge
We Like It Loud
Love Worth Dying For
Crazy Love
Thinking Of You
Not The One
I Saw Red (Acoustic)

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